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Random Dungeons

Our game has dungeons. They are small and randomly generated. As this is a Facebook game we tend to think of them as flowcharts and try to keep them simple.

To help us get a feel for how our random dungeon generator works, we create PNGs of  each. This is just a visual representation of what we store in the database minus all the fun details like doors, traps, monsters, stairs, etc…

Currently we pregenerate many thousands of them and store them in our MongoDB database. This gives us a chance to check the quality and offloads resources that would be needed to create them on the fly. For a quick QA check I can display 264 at a time on my monitor. Checking a few thousand goes surprisingly fast and I just delete the ones that I don’t like before loading them into the database. Note that each white box is a room.

Dungeon 82:

Dungeon 82

Dungeon 348:

Dungeon 348

Dungeon 11:

Dungeon 11

As you can see they are basic, but we think they’ll work fine for our game. The algorithm could use some fine tuning as I think they tend to cluster more than I like such as with Dungeon 155:

Dungeon 155

and Dungeon 234:

Dungeon 234

Anyhow they are good enough for now and we have other features that need more attention.



Time to get busy!

We’ve been working on our roguelike inspired Facebook game and making steady progress. Our focus has been on the server and database which is built around Python/gevent/MongoDB. So far it’s working out well, but we’re still flushing out the framework and APIs. Once it’s ready I’ll implement a testing framework to beat up the interfaces and look at the overall performance. I’d like the backend to be solid before doing getting too deep into the client.

Eric’s also be cutting his teeth on a basic company website. Our background is mainly server-side as opposed to presentation so it’s been a learning experience. Gives us a greater appreciation for great web designers.