BML aka Brian Lomeland

Inveterate game player and computer genius. Dungeons are a way of life for BML, from table top games to early MUDS, to MMORPGS, to work environments that pass for the worst kobold lair. Working in the Internet world since before you heard about it he’s been instrumental in all aspects of architecture and design.

EMM aka Eric Manuel

Some theatre guy who didn’t want to be a waiter so he got involved in the computer biz in 1994 with Sun Microsystems, and has done Unix/Linux system administration, architecture, design deployment and management of systems for some of the largest companies in the world. EMM started his game playing with an Apple IIe (with a language card!). The digital “HALT!” from Castle Wolfenstein lodged in his brain from a young age he’ll never forget how his heart raced when he put that case under the table for the first time. Story telling and computers have intersected in his life many times over.